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De La Rey 3 – some other songs, and no final words March 19, 2007

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It’s been a month since I last posted on the De La Rey issue. Since then it seems like Shaldean Human took some of the talk about De La Rey, maybe it’s just my perception, but it seems like there is a bit less talk about it than 6 weeks ago.

OK, I want to tell you about a few songs, they are all in Afrikaans, so if you can’t read Afrikaans you’ll have to trust my interpretation, or someone will have to give another one, but here goes. (more…)


De La Rey 2 – Giving meaning to words February 19, 2007

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I’m not even sure when De La Rey came out. I heard about it somewhere in the second half of last year, and from the first word I heard that this was a racist song. But one evening one of the guys on our corridor played us the song that was beginning to make history. Immediately one of our friends were on his cell phone and reading us the history of General Koos De La Rey from Wikipedia. And we had to conclude that we can’t really see the problem with the song. But I guess that has changed… (more…)

De La Rey February 12, 2007

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To anyone in South Africa, even non-Afrikaans speaking people. The words of the title will have immediate meaning. To anyone not from South Africa, of not following South African news, you probably would have to be a student of South African history for this to mean anything to you.

Now something about this blog. I’m Afrikaans, but write in English because I believe we have to take part in a conversation bigger than that which we can have in Afrikaans. But I’m South African, and therefore need to react to South African questions. And I think I’m still an Afrikaner, although this is kind of putting the cart in front of the horses (wonder if there is such a saying in English). And therefore the words of the title have meaning to me, a lot of meaning. (more…)

God must have left this place a long time ago February 5, 2007

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We went to see Blood Diamond last night. It’s about illegal Diamond trading in Western Africa, how the Diamond companies buy up these diamonds to keep them from flooding the market, and in this way finance local wars. It’s similar to Hotel Rwanda and The Interpreter.


When Danny Archer concludes that God must have left this place a long time ago, I again realized that this becomes much easier to conclude when stuff start turning bad, real bad. We talk of the holocaust as “bad”, but I’m starting to wonder if Africa today may not be worse than the holocaust. (more…)

I’m back – at least for a few weeks this time January 30, 2007

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Hey everyone. Sorry, been camping, and when I came back to varsity I had to register before I could get back onto my internet account. But now I’m back.

OK, so everyone know that South Africa has quite a crime crisis. There are worse places in the world, but things are a bit tough here. A few months ago the South African Council of Churches started talking about churches that need to make a stand about this. Our own church started to respond with some statements. Nothing amazing, I mean, we all know that crime is wrong, we all know that something should be done etc etc.

Then I read this article on Sunday in the official newspaper of our denomination, and I’m kind of uncomfortable with it. (more…)

Real Peace? Thoughts on Equilibrium January 10, 2007

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I watched the movie Equilibrium somewhere while at Klein Kariba. Some initial thoughts on the movie. Great idea, some great scenes, for example where Preston listens to Beethoven’s 9th symphony, but not enough to fill a 100 minute movie. But nonetheless, worth watching.

There is a lot to say for the importence of emotion etc, but it’s something else that really got me thinking. (more…)