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Blog Change April 5, 2007

Posted by Cobus in Emerging Church.
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I moved the Blog. Or created a new blog, not sure yet. But you can mind it at simply my contemplations

So, if you link to emergingsa, please change the link. I’ll keep the emergingsa blog for a while, don’t know what will become of it. I’ll explain my reasons for moving. Things mights change a bit with the new blog, but change is good:-) Hope I’ll still hear from you.

Come and be part of this new journey…


Knights of South Bronx – bringing hope April 4, 2007

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Don’t know how many of you recognize the title. It’s actually the title form a movie, but not a very well known one as far as I can gather, it’s a 2005 movie but a stub at wikipedia. It tells the amazing story of Mr. Richard Mason (played by Ted Danson) who becomes a supplementary teacher at a school in the South Bronx (which is a inner-city area somewhere in New York if I gathered correctly), an underprivaleged school where the headmaster describe anything except the basic curriculum as extra, and it should be treated as that, extra. (more…)

sci-fi on God, religion, faith, spirituality etc. April 3, 2007

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I’ve been a sci-fi fan as long as I can remember. Don’t know why, don’t know where I got it from, but that’s just one of those facts of my life. As a kid I looked through every book in the childrens devision at the library, and if it nearly looked like sci-fi I read it (at least I did read a lot of other stuff as well). When I got to a point, at roundabout 14 years of age, that there simply wasn’t books left for me to read in the childrens devision (at least not that looked at all interesting) I moved over to the adult devision, and discovered Arthur C Clark, and later on Kim Stanley Robinson. It’s very interesting to see what these people make of questions about God and religion in the future. (more…)

blogroll- cori’s blog April 2, 2007

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I’ve changed my blogroll. Will keep only a few links there from now om, which I mght change from time to time. But in the links page I will keep all the links I had, except a few, mostly those of some friends, who aint blogging at the moment. Will add them again when they start blogging. From time to time I’ll give some thougths on one of the blogs on the blogroll. This is the first one:  (more…)

simplicity and complexity April 2, 2007

Posted by Cobus in theology.

Found this quote a few days ago :

“Simplicity on the near side of complexity is uselss; simplicity on the far side of complexity is priceless”

This really summed up a part of my personal struggle with theology and faith, and with people’s views of theology. Simplicity is great. But if we reach simplicity by ignoring the complexity of life, it’s useless. If we reach simplicity through struggling with the complexities of life, that is priceless. Any thoughts? What’s your initial feeling when you read this quote?

institutional church #4 – something from the NT April 1, 2007

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#4 – It’s not really like me staying on something for this long. Maybe I’ll break for a few days, hear some thoughts on the institutional church thing, don’t know. But I will finish in a couple of days (remember the De La Rey thing, won’t take that long, although that might have been a good thing). But first, some more thoughts. This is the thoughts I wondered if I it should be placed before those of yesterday.

I already mentioned some stuff from the first century ad yesterday; this is just some more things we should at least keep in mind. (more…)

institutional church #3 – the early church March 31, 2007

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I’ve been working on an assignment on Psalm 24 the past two days, except for Thursday evening when the library was closed. But since Maryke flew to Cape Town on Friday morning, and since I had to finish some stuff at res before leaving on Friday morning, I decided not to spend that time blogging. But, the assignment is almost done, again I kind of didn’t keep to the way I think we are supposed to do exegesis*, but saw something interesting, and then worked on that. But I’m happy with what I did, will see what the lecturer think. Just some finishing touches, most formatting, that I’ll do in the next two days somewhere.

I’m back with some thoughts on the institutional church. I’ve been struggling to decide which post to do first, this one of the next one. Well, obviously this one won:-) After I’ve done the next one, I would like to know which one you think make more sense to do first. (more…)

institutional church #2 – the internet and blog-o-sphere March 28, 2007

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Most propably these posts won’t follow a very strict logic, but I’ll touch on a few different aspects. OK, so tonight. I started reading a little on what the internet and blog-o-sphere has to say on the institutional church. Now, anyone who has ever tried something like this would know, you will never have a finalized list. So if you come accross something interesting, leave a comment. And if you’ve written something yourself, definitely leave a comment or trackback.

This is not a systematic and complete review of everything (more…)

u/18’s blogging March 27, 2007

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I just added some links to the blogroll, called “u/18’s blogging”. It’s some high school kids I have contact with who started blogging, just sharing their ideas and questions and stuff. Thought some of you might be interested. The “Piet Retief Jeug” blog is only in Afrikaans, the others are primarily in English.

institutional church #1 – posting the question March 26, 2007

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There is so much thoughts running through my head at the moment, on so many different things, but one of the other guidelines I chose to follow when I started this blog was to keep to one post a day, and keep it not to long. The basic reason being that I usually don’t read blogs on which I have to follow very long posts every day.

One of my very good friends got mugged on Saturday, Tiaan, he’s OK, but got a little stab with a knive in the back. Went to hospital today, they just wan’t to make sure it doesn’t get infected or anything. But I’m sure he’ll tell the story when he get to a computer again (which most propably will only be after the holidays).

OK, so I’m touching the institutional church again, posted some thoughts a while ago, but decided to spend some more time pondering this whole question. OK, this is my feeling at the moment (more…)