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sci-fi on God, religion, faith, spirituality etc. April 3, 2007

Posted by Cobus in Emerging Church, sci-fi.
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I’ve been a sci-fi fan as long as I can remember. Don’t know why, don’t know where I got it from, but that’s just one of those facts of my life. As a kid I looked through every book in the childrens devision at the library, and if it nearly looked like sci-fi I read it (at least I did read a lot of other stuff as well). When I got to a point, at roundabout 14 years of age, that there simply wasn’t books left for me to read in the childrens devision (at least not that looked at all interesting) I moved over to the adult devision, and discovered Arthur C Clark, and later on Kim Stanley Robinson. It’s very interesting to see what these people make of questions about God and religion in the future. (more…)