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Knights of South Bronx – bringing hope April 4, 2007

Posted by Cobus in Emerging Church, Journal, Missional, Movies, South Africa.

Don’t know how many of you recognize the title. It’s actually the title form a movie, but not a very well known one as far as I can gather, it’s a 2005 movie but a stub at wikipedia. It tells the amazing story of Mr. Richard Mason (played by Ted Danson) who becomes a supplementary teacher at a school in the South Bronx (which is a inner-city area somewhere in New York if I gathered correctly), an underprivaleged school where the headmaster describe anything except the basic curriculum as extra, and it should be treated as that, extra.

But he starts to teach chess to these kids who have nothing to live for, and give them some purpose. He teach them something with which they can compete despite of there lack of money of skin-colour.

We had a conversation last night with some poeple from a congregation from one previously disadvanteged parts of my hometown. They wan’t to start a childrens ministry at their congregation. The reason? To give these kids hope. They grow up without hope. They know beforehand they won’t get jobs one day, thay won’t go to university or college. They have nothing to live for. A big idea for a small congregation. But isn’t this what we are here for? Giving hope.

Inspiring movie. Situation where people need hope. How do we bring these two together. How do we write new inspiring stories in South Africa?



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