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This page is just me trying to help the conversation about being church in South Africa along. Please feel free to leave any general comments about the blog here.

Something about myself 

I was born in 1984. I’m interested in Old and New Testament, as well as Missiology. I’m constantly trying to figure out how the South African church can try to address the poverty question – or more precisely, the rich-poor division issue. And being 22, and part of the church, I can’t help but try and figure out how we must be church today. Talking about the emerging church is my way of trying to figure out the question “how can we continue being church today?”

Something about this blog 

I believe that we are the emerging church. Not because of how we conduct church services, but because we cannot help it. As soon as we get to the point where we start trying to figure out how to be church, because we know that something has got to change, we become the emerging church. No one person can decide what the emerging church must look like, we must build it from the ground upwards. This page contains just some of my thoughts on the emerging church in South Africa. We need more emerging people from South Africa to join the discussions on what it means to be part of the emerging church in South Africa. You are welcome to reply in Afrikaans. I’m more comfortable with Afrikaans as well, but I also believe that we must try and be inclusive as much as possible. For those of you who are English, sorry about the way I am misusing your language – I am aware that my English is not that good. Check out the Links page. I’ll try and add some usefull links that might help you get an idea of where I, as well as others writing stuff on this page, am coming from. And check out the Blogroll!

You can mail me at cobus.w@gmail.com



1. Roger Saner - November 14, 2006

Hey Cobus – your English is fine! (and much better than my Afrikaans). This is a fantastic blog and I feel better just reading it! It’s great to know there’s other guys out there in SA who are thinking through this stuff – what it means to be church in a post-Apartheid, post-struggle South Africa. Plus you have a “David Bosch” category (::swoon::)! It’s also cool to see you link to two of my sites which is rather encouraging – guess we’ll have to do coffee sometime…

2. Simon - January 12, 2007

Hi there, my name is Simon. I see your interest in the Emergent church. My I share with you that the further the church seems to be “emerging” the further it seems to get form the gospel. I really burnt my fingers on the emergent teachings in the late Nineties when I was pastoring a small church near Grahamstown. have look at this link. http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/ and perhaps it can save you some pain. One does not want to set out on a journey following the Lord and then find out you have been distracted from the pure doctrine of the Bible, which Emergents as they they call themselvves. I have had to go back into the teachings of the reformation to find pure doctrine and if we are going to be different and be the church of the future, we need first to uphold these tenets.

Sola Fida -Scripture Alone
Sola Gratia- By Grace through faith alone
Soli Deo Gloria- To the Glory of God alone.

Your servant for Jesus sake
Simon Thomas

3. Stephen - February 15, 2007

Hi Cobus

I’m Stephen, and it’s great to find your site. I’m a wierd messed up hybrid of sorts because like the commentor above I am theologically reformed but unlike the commentor above I can’t really stand ‘spiritual watchdog’ sites like the one he mentions. I’m sure Simon has good intentions but – not all reformed folk think things need to be approached in such a manner.

I blog from time to time about the EC and am glad to see more and more SA people entering the conversation. At times I’ll probably look like a closed minded fundamentalist and at times I might come across as a quite emerging. Suppose it depends which side of the bed I get out of in the morning. What I am concerned about is the church emerging in a way that is faithful to God, and his mission in Christ as presented in the pages of scripture.

You’ll find I’ll always side with scripture, not in a dogmatic way because I realise we are all perspectival in our approach to interpretation, but I do think there’s enough there for us to get a fairly clear picture of what God demands of us as his church – so that’s my final authority.

I wish you much fruitful blogging and faithfulness to Christ and his gospel.


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5. Geoff Probert - October 1, 2011

Hey there! Is this blog still mrunning as some of teh comments here are very old – is there still conversation going with the emerging Church in South Africa – would love to hear more!

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7. Luxury - June 27, 2013

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