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Book Reviews

Reimagining Spiritual Formation (Church Reimagined) – Doug Pagitt and the Solomon’s Porch Community 

I really don’t have a lot to say about this book. But how do you review a book if you can’t explain it, don’t have anything to compare it to, consider it to be very personal, and have absolute mixed feelings about it. I think this is a great book to read. It tells a story, and a very interesting one. It’s not a book with a worked out plan for how to fix your church, and I don’t think that was the intention. You won’t agree with everything, that’s impossible, since this is an experiment, theologically as well as ecclesiologically. But this should get those creative juices flowing. Should get you thinking about what great ideas might lie there waiting in your congregation.

soulTsunami – Leonard Sweet

SoulTsunami Cover

The best way to describe this is as an experience. It’s not really a very well structured book, don’t think is was intended to be. Sweet repeates himself sometimes, sometimes I got the feeling he contradicts himself. But all of it adds up to produce the experience. I ended up having a huge amount of stories to share with my family when I got home, about a lot of stuff, most not related to theology. But most of all I had an experience. It got the little bit of creativity I had up and running, and got me dreaming some more about the church. A definite must read. And for the UP students, you can find it on Level 1 of the main library, at 261SWEET.



1. Joe - May 5, 2007

Hey mate… lovin your blog… have to say, I visited Doug Pagint and the Solomon’s Porch community during my stay in the twin cities while working on my masters program. I’d have to say that if you’re in the community, it’s amazing… if you’re an outsider, it’s awkward. I’d say that the community is very open and accepting, but it’s still very awkward, and I’m an outgoing kind of guy… I’m a pastor in a community… so there’s some sort of balance I’m not sure they’re hitting… but i love watching them love one another well.

let me add too… if I had been invited by someone from that community, I suppose that would have been an incredible invitation into a family. Someone off the street would have to stick with them for a while to really engage their family.

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