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I’m back – at least for a few weeks this time January 30, 2007

Posted by Cobus in church, Missional, Politics, South Africa, theology.

Hey everyone. Sorry, been camping, and when I came back to varsity I had to register before I could get back onto my internet account. But now I’m back.

OK, so everyone know that South Africa has quite a crime crisis. There are worse places in the world, but things are a bit tough here. A few months ago the South African Council of Churches started talking about churches that need to make a stand about this. Our own church started to respond with some statements. Nothing amazing, I mean, we all know that crime is wrong, we all know that something should be done etc etc.

Then I read this article on Sunday in the official newspaper of our denomination, and I’m kind of uncomfortable with it. It’s in Afrikaans, so sorry for the non-South Africans. But basicly what it’s about is that some of our church leaders gave a “prophetic warning” about crime. But all they talk about is how the government should change. But shouldn’t a prophetic word be aimed at believers? The government in a liberal democracy is a non-religious organization. We can talk to the government about their task, but we should do it as citizens.

What I missed in this prophetic warning is a warning against a church who forgot their calling. Who forgot that they have a responsibility to do stuff different. I believe that crime isn’t the problem, the problem lies deeper. A warning that the church shouldn’t forget the poor and those who cannot look after themselves. I could go on and on about this.

But just this. Can we really aim a prophetic warning at a government? Yes we should be in conversation with the government, we should work with them to find answers. But shouldn’t we leave the prophetic words to talk to a church when it’s not part of the solution?


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