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Getting started in Pretoria Inner City February 22, 2007

Posted by Cobus in Emerging Church, Journal, Martus, Missional, South Africa.

Well, some of you showed some interest last year when I told about our trip to the inner city of Pretoria, the story continues, some of us started getting involved in projects. But first, some background. We are part of a student congregation of the Dutch Reformed Church called Universiteitsoord (The fact that these pages is only in Afrikaans says something about our denomination and congregation I think). It consists mostly out of students, with a small residential side to it as well. The building seats about 1600 people, and is usually nearly full on a Sunday evening. Maybe not the kind of congregation you would expect to find me in, if you only read some of the stuff I wrote.

By end of last year a group of us started thinking, talking and working (more…)