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Real Peace? Thoughts on Equilibrium January 10, 2007

Posted by Cobus in Movies, Politics.

I watched the movie Equilibrium somewhere while at Klein Kariba. Some initial thoughts on the movie. Great idea, some great scenes, for example where Preston listens to Beethoven’s 9th symphony, but not enough to fill a 100 minute movie. But nonetheless, worth watching.

There is a lot to say for the importence of emotion etc, but it’s something else that really got me thinking. The scene where Father is talking to the crowd, explaining the system, and how it assures constant peace… with guards in full uniform, with full-face helmets and automatic weapons walking between the people while he is speaking, that really struck me. Why the guards at peacetime?

Forced peace, that is what they have in the movie. Peace won by war. Peace held intact by killing people. And in some bizzarre way the killing of the sense-offenders (people who don’t use sedatives, or are caught with art or music) is rationalized by the Grammaton Clerics. And throughout the movie they cannot see the fact that they are waging a war.

Peace cannot be forced down. If peace need to be forced down it will always be a war waiting to happen. And it is part of our world, certain groups are always rationalizing a war because it will cause peace in the end. But no matter how good your rationalization, if you kill someone’s family, no matter how good your intentions, or what bigger ideal you are trying to achieve, you will always have someone willing to make war against you. If you kill 1000’s of people, you will have 1000’s more willing to kill you.

I’m not trying to answer the whole question of whether a Christian may defend himself etc. Or whether a nation is allowed to go to war. But simply stating that we cannot think that we can force people into peace.



1. Christelle Robbertse - January 31, 2007

It’s not that I’m anti our government, but I agree that they should do more to lower our crime rate. That said, I think that we (as Christians, but also as citizens of our country) should do more to stop crime. The church can also help, but I think it depends more on efforts from the community (whether Christian or not).Things like neighburhood watches are good ideas. It’s only that nobody wants to risk their own lives.

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