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institutional church #3 – the early church March 31, 2007

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I’ve been working on an assignment on Psalm 24 the past two days, except for Thursday evening when the library was closed. But since Maryke flew to Cape Town on Friday morning, and since I had to finish some stuff at res before leaving on Friday morning, I decided not to spend that time blogging. But, the assignment is almost done, again I kind of didn’t keep to the way I think we are supposed to do exegesis*, but saw something interesting, and then worked on that. But I’m happy with what I did, will see what the lecturer think. Just some finishing touches, most formatting, that I’ll do in the next two days somewhere.

I’m back with some thoughts on the institutional church. I’ve been struggling to decide which post to do first, this one of the next one. Well, obviously this one won:-) After I’ve done the next one, I would like to know which one you think make more sense to do first. (more…)


theology and medium March 22, 2007

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OK, so before I even start on this one, I need to make this clear. I’m not out to get Rob Bell. I know this will be the second time in two weeks I say something critical while talking about Rob Bell, but it’s nopt against him. OK, that said…

Got thinking about this while jogging the other night (maybe I should go jog more often, then I’ll think more ofter). It’s interesting what the relation between how your theology is percieved and the medium you use to spread it is. In one of the podcasts from Emergent Village where Tony Jones and Doug Pagitt talked, they touched on this as well. (more…)

unspoken words March 13, 2007

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Along with so many others, I’ve been struggling with the whole post-modern thing. Yip, so that’s the unspoken word. When starting the blog I made a vow to myself that I will not use the concepts pre-modern, modern and post-modern, but would rather try and explain what I mean by it. But, if you are reading, and not sure what the words mean, don’t feel bad, join the struggle. If you believe you do have the meaning sorted out, well, then read on and tell us how you see it.

The thing is, post-modern is the new buzz-word, everyone is using it, everyone in their own way though. Modern on the other hand, is the new place where you don’t want to be, a few years or decades ago, you would have been riding the wave, now, being called modern is not a compliment. At least not in the circles where I move, and in the faculty where I study. (more…)

De La Rey February 12, 2007

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To anyone in South Africa, even non-Afrikaans speaking people. The words of the title will have immediate meaning. To anyone not from South Africa, of not following South African news, you probably would have to be a student of South African history for this to mean anything to you.

Now something about this blog. I’m Afrikaans, but write in English because I believe we have to take part in a conversation bigger than that which we can have in Afrikaans. But I’m South African, and therefore need to react to South African questions. And I think I’m still an Afrikaner, although this is kind of putting the cart in front of the horses (wonder if there is such a saying in English). And therefore the words of the title have meaning to me, a lot of meaning. (more…)

Reply on Tiaan, South Africa, and living here January 9, 2007

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This was written some time ago (about 17 December 2006) as a reply to a very good friend, but was marked as spam because of the amount of links. So, now I’ll just post it here. The original post was written by Tiaan and can be read here.

OK, I read this just after you published it, didn’t want to reply at first, but I guess you’r kind of expecting something, so here goes. (more…)

MXit as pastoral tool or interface December 9, 2006

Posted by Cobus in Emerging Culture, South Africa, Youth Ministry.

I was told about MXit just after it was released by a friend who is 5 years younger than I am. I never even went through the trouble of downloading it. Now, IM (Instant Messaging) is becoming part of everyday life for me, and I’m still struggling compared to the people a few years younger than me. What follows i sjust some preliminary thoughts on using MXit, and other IM’s, as a pastoral tool, or a pastoral interface. (more…)

diverse experiences December 8, 2006

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So, I’m back at my parents at last. No more blogging from my cellphone, no more working for the government, no more 42˚C temperatures (at least just the one day). It’s been the most amazing past 10 days. In the car on my way home yesterday, I started thinking about everything that happened. (more…)

stagnation December 5, 2006

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Wrote this a couple of days ago, just never posted it… 

I visited the one of the final year Art exhibition from the final year class at the university today, only came back about an hour ago. Now, I’m no art expert, not at all, and I won’t try and give you a proffessional critique of the exhibition. Some of it was beautiful, some I thought was ugly. Some just didn’t make sense to me. Some got me thinking, whether they were beautiful or ugly, although those that didn’t make sense didn’t get me thinking. But a few things really got me, I’ll mention just one. (more…)

conversations with some black people November 30, 2006

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I’m currently working for the department of education, helping at a marking centre for matric final exams. We are a group of just over 30 assistants, of which 6 is white. I had long conversations with two people I met today. We had conversations about church and theology (more…)

Emerging Church South Africa November 17, 2006

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Two questions that are vital to the emerging church movement, I believe, is the questions “What are we emerging from?” and “Where are we emerging too?”. While reading around the Internet, you will quickly find that generally for a whole lot of people the emerging church is emerging from evangelicalism. But is this what we are emerging from in South Africa? (more…)