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I’m back – “e”merging Church January 8, 2007

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It’s been nearly a month without blogging. I’ve been part of a outreach-group at a holiday resort near Bela-Bela (Northern part of South Africa), and then went down to T.O. Strand (East-coast of South Africa) with a friend.

So I thought a lot about this emerging terminology. There is the whole emerging/emergent question, which I understand very little about. Seems like an American issue to me? I even understand less about it now that I heard Tony Jones and Doug Paggitt saying that they didn’t think about emerging when they thought about the name emergent. Well, whatever, that’s not really the issue for me.

Are we talking about “E”merging or “e”merging? So, what’s the difference? (more…)


Graduating from church? October 16, 2006

Posted by Cobus in David Bosch, Emerging Church.
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Jammer as jy gereeld kom kyk en nooit iets nuuts sien nie. Ek kom nie gereeld by skryf uit nie, of vat partymaal baie lank om my gedagtes in woorde om te sit. Hierdie is weer een van daai, en het so gevoel wat heeltyd aan my krap dat hierdie nog nie klaar geskryf is nie, maar hier is ‘n paar gedagtes… 

Doug Fields was the first writer I’ve read who pointed out one of the crucial problems in youth ministry. According to him, as soon as young people graduated from high school, they graduated from the church. (more…)