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says who… on the “less young” in our congregations March 17, 2007

Posted by Cobus in Emerging Church, Journal, Kameeldrif, Youth Ministry.
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Glenn describes himself as “a young man in 53-year-old skin”, well, I had a great experience from someone else in a 60+ skin today. But first, something else. The congregation in which I grew up tought me a great respect for the older people in the congregation (no Glenn, I’m not talking bout the 50-somethings when I say “older”:-)). I got to know them not as those simply opposed to change, against the young people, and with too much time on there hands to meddle in others affairs. Instead, I got to know them as people who are more than willing to change if they understand it, as people with grandchildren who would do anything for there grandchildren to learn the story of Jesus which meant so much to them, and as people who have a burning passion to help those in need. (more…)