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Solomon’s Porch on babies March 20, 2007

Posted by Cobus in Emerging Church, Youth Ministry.

I’ve been reading Doug Pagitt and the Solomon’s Porch Community’s book Church Re-Imagined. Actually, I read it with Maryke, so I would read two chapters, and then she would take it and read two chapters. Sometimes one of us would get busy, or forget to give the book back, so it took a while. And sometimes we discussed what we read.

Tony Jones is part of that community. I remember when he was here he said that a lot of people that come into the community only last two weeks, then they start asking if something can’t be done about the children. Well, read for yourself what there idea on babies is :

Babies in the Solomon’s Porch Community

Sunday Evening Worship Gatherings: While we do not have an official nursery we do offer “baby holders”, and a changing/play room for babies. So, if someone comes and asks to hold your baby, don’t be surprised. Also, please do not be bothered by babies making a little noise or crying a bit. You are welcome to use the baby room, but we find that crying babies remind us that it is good to take time to listen to one another cry – even during the “important” times of life.

A few thoughts. If babies making a little noise cannot be allowed at meetings, then we are basicly saying that it’s about the preaching, the concentration, the listening, and the adults being thought something new. The babies making noise of course distracts the people from doing this. But if we say it’s primarily about the community, and we really believe that children are completely part of the community, then we cannot but keep our children in the church.

My mon told me (I can’t remember this) that when I was little she always sat at the back of the small church we attended, because I had a way of disrupting the service. My dad was actually pastor in the Swaziland Reformed Church, which the black people attended, but he also helped the Dutch Reformed Church, where the white people attended, by preaching there 2 out of 3 weeks, they shared a pastor with a couple of churches, so he only came every 3rd week. One morning, after the opening prayer, when my mon opened her eyes, I was on the pulpit with my dad. A couple of other things heppened, but the end of the story was that my mom stopped attending church until we were older. Sad, but true.



1. storbakken - March 21, 2007

That sounds like a great way of reading a book with another person. My fiance and I have been considering ways to read the same book without having to buy two copies.

And thanks for sharing the story.

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