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on random thoughts and following leaders March 16, 2007

Posted by Cobus in Emerging Church, Journal, Missional, theology.

Today was one of those very interesting days, I think I can blog for a week about all the thoughts that was triggered by events today. First, I attended a little lecture someone gave on the emerging church. Now, we all know how difficult it is to try and put this into words, so maybe I shouldn’t be to hard on him, but what I heard, didn’t really sound like what I experienced the past couple of months. But, more on this experience later.

Further thought provoking stuff for today was a matryoshka doll I saw, it seemed to be of Russion Orthodox origin, and looked like it protraied some saints or something. The biggest one had what looked like Mary and the boy Jesus on it, and then there were two more woman further down the line. Strange, even if we protestants did dare to put the saints into art form, I doubt whether it would have contained any woman.

Then there was a conversation with someone who asked about the work my dad is doing. Now, you can check out there website at the link on the side. He is pastor in the Swaziland Reformed Church, and one of their main missions at the moment is the aids crisis, if not their main mission. They are doing a lot of work in the home based care line. And then this person asked me whether they are at least teaching the people some morals as well. I nearly felt sick. Didn’t she hear that people are dying, and that this little church are trying to care for them? Morals is important yes, but is that the most important task of the church? Or is the task of the church to care for those in need, to be Jesus to the world, and to bring Jesus to the world.

And then lastly I again had a senior theologian tell me that I shouldn’t go into missiology, because missiology as subject doesn’t really have a future. Well, if you are a theologian, your thoughts on this would be appreciated. Which means, any thoughts will be appretiated:-)

OK, one last thing, and at this point I want to stand still a while. So, we had this whold lecture/conversation thing on the emerging church thing this morning. At one point they talked about holding fast to the kernel of our faith, while being open about other stuff. This was given as an example :

sin is the problem, Jesus is the answer, the Bible is true, and Hell is hot.

According to the guy giving the lecture, this was the statement of faith of Rob Bells’ Mars Hill congregation. It looked like some people around the table was a bit uncomfortable with the statement, but nobody said anything, I mean this was Rob Bell we were talking about… but is was not. For those ont aware, there is two Mars Hill congregations which are both quite well-known, this statement of faith does not come from the congregation where Rob Bell pastors.

Some things just don’t change. We talk about conversation, listining to everyone, that the truth is found in community. But still we put certain people on pedastals. I mean, if Rob Bell said it, it must be true – that is still the way it seams a lot of people look at stuff.

OK, so this was my random thoughts for today. Quite emotional, I’ll agree. But hey, this is a blog right?


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