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Been a little quite March 3, 2007

Posted by Cobus in Journal.

Sorry, I’ve been a little quite the past few days. And I’m not bringing anything to the table today. Just mentioning that I’m still alive, and thinking about a lot of stuff, but not feeling like writing just to write something, and wasting your time. I will be back again next week. But hey, what about this. If there are specific things you think the blogging community should write about, leave a comment, maybe someone reading it will react to it



1. storbakken - March 4, 2007

I recently went through a time where I needed few weeks to recharge by blogging battery. Hope your “sabbath” is refreshing.

Someone might write an interesting blog post describing the similarities/differences between the Russian, Greek and Ethiopian Orthodox churches. I would definitely like to know more about them.

2. Bernardvw - March 5, 2007

Hi Cobus
One thing that really started to trouble me is that alot of people just started to run their lives by what is popular. I may be totally enterpreting this wrong, but alot of people don’t even think about the Bible when making decisions. There are people that don’t care for what is right.Then there are people that have a split personality, one moment being very spiritual and the next don’t care what they are doning, as long as it is fun. Now the problem comes in that in both those groups there are people that call themselves Christians, and even some of those that I really love working with at church but just leave them alone at all other places. I hope I said it good enough

3. Annemarie - March 8, 2007

Halloooo Cobus 🙂

Glad to see you’re stille alive and kicking.

Just a quick english lesson. Sorry, but Christelle and I can’t take it anymore (our own english is suffering, or mine at least 😉 )
Quite (redelik, nogals ens) is used in the following: I’m quite thirsty. And quiet (stil) : It is very quiet in the class (Probably this will never happen but it’s just an example).

OK, but on a more serious note.

Sometimes you get someone that you really struglle to get along with. You don’t really fight with each other, you mainly just don’t talk to each other. But even though you still want to strangle this person on occasions, you still show him/her the necessary respect. Is this part of the love that we should show all mankind? Is respect a type of love you show to someone?

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