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Some research on emergence in South Africa needed. Share your ideas… February 26, 2007

Posted by Cobus in church, Emerging Church, South Africa.

When this morning started I really didn’t have anything to say. I could tell you I’m fed-up with meetings, but that I had some great meetings in the past week (those connected with our congregation getting involved in outreach programs), but why would I do that. I guess I just didn’t feel like writing. But when I saw that Roger actually published the mail he sent me, I thought it might be a good idea to publish some of my own ideas on it.

This topic was the reason I started blogging, and I hope to be getting back to it from time to time, just trying to figure things out. I’m checking through some of my old posts as I’m writing. I started this blog saying that we are the emerging church, you don’t really learn to be emerging, but you figure out who you are, and how to be church where you are, although we do learn from each other.

Shortly after I started asking the question on race and church in South Africa. I think this is something that we still have a lot to learn about. If the emerging church in South Africa is simply going to be a white western thing, then we are going to miss it. I also believe we can make  a very unique contribution to the conversation worldwide, by trying to figure out how to be church in an inter-racial and inter-cultural community.

And then of course, being from the Dutch Reformed Church, I have to ask the questions about how to react from within this denomination. I agree with Roger, that a lot of emerging is happening within our congregations, and experienced it in a unique way this week (in one of the great meetings).

I think there is two main themes running through this all. Mission and Community. And over and over again I came ran into the fact that we need to keep the history of South Africa in mind. The racial division, and the economic division. The challenge for the church is to create community accross these borders, and to adress the unique problems in South Africa, especially poverty and HIV.

Well, that’s my take on the emerging church in South Africa. Didn’t really say anything new, I’m well aware of it. Maybe just summed the situation up in new words. Well, share your ideas…



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