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Om my way again January 12, 2007

Posted by Cobus in Emerging Church.

I’m sitting at church, waiting for the rest of the girls and guys on the committee for our first year’s camp. So I’m blogging from my cellphone again, or not blogging at all, will have to see how the week ends up. Interesting how things change. Four years ago I was a first year, on my way to first years camp. And it ended up to be quite a disappointment, although mainly because I went with the wrong expectations. But here I am, four years later, helping to make that which was a disappointment to of happen for others.
That is kind of the story of our lives. Over and over again our idea about stuff change, and that’s OK. But I kind of experienced that change is something we don’t really want in people, we hold it against people if they go against earlier ideas etc.
We need to make room for people to change there ideas about stuff. Simon, thanx for your comment on the about page. Just a thought, maybe read the post “I’m back – ‘e’merging church”. But gotta go, times up. Maybe I’ll Blog some more later…



1. Christelle Robbertse - February 2, 2007

Sorry, my previous comment should have been at “I’m back- at least for a few weeks this time”.

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