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Reply on Tiaan, South Africa, and living here January 9, 2007

Posted by Cobus in Emerging Culture, Missional, South Africa.

This was written some time ago (about 17 December 2006) as a reply to a very good friend, but was marked as spam because of the amount of links. So, now I’ll just post it here. The original post was written by Tiaan and can be read here.

OK, I read this just after you published it, didn’t want to reply at first, but I guess you’r kind of expecting something, so here goes.

Would like some specifications of our ridiculous political system. Is it human rights? Well, the Netherlands is the only country with more liberal human rights laws than us, are they ridiculous too?
Corruption? Of course! But hey, check out the 2006 Transparency International Corruption Perceptions Index. We are at number 51 out of 160.

Crime fighting. I struggle to find international comparison studies on this. But this is a mayor problem. And although I don’t really fear for my life, I know I have to be cautious. But as I wrote the other day, part of what we need to figure out is how we are going to face the dangers in South Africa, and still live out our Christian calling, because it’s going to clash.

Should we go, because we have the ability to go (which most in South Africa don’t), or should we stay because we have the ability to be part of changing South Africa. We can help get our country on the list of countries with the highest quality of life index. See Southern Africa on The UN List of World’s 21 Forgotten Crises. Who is supposed to do something about this?

Take a break, we’ll miss you. But do come back! We need you.

Last reason, but this is purely subjective. I love this country! I love staying here! But this is just me.


1. Kisakookoo - January 24, 2007

Hi! Why I can’t fill my info in profile? Can somebody help me?
My login is Kisakookoo!

2. cobus - January 30, 2007

I really can’t see the problem. If there’s anything I should change in my settings, just let me know.

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