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diverse experiences December 8, 2006

Posted by Cobus in Emerging Church, Emerging Culture, Journal, South Africa.

So, I’m back at my parents at last. No more blogging from my cellphone, no more working for the government, no more 42˚C temperatures (at least just the one day). It’s been the most amazing past 10 days. In the car on my way home yesterday, I started thinking about everything that happened.

I met a group of friends, and witnessed 2 pentacostals and 2 reformed guys arguing about infant baptism. Neither of the groups were able to explain for what reason we should baptise at all though.

Met ‘n guy from the Congo, they immigrated to South Africa in 1996, and he is about as western as you can get.

Met ‘n Swazi girl, with a Portuguese surname, and 2 Lutheran pastors for parents, asking critical questions on Christianity, studying psychology, not believing in ancestors, but still taking part in rituals with her Swazi family.

Visited a Charismatic Youth Outreach linked to Rhema.

Met a guy from somewhere in North Africa, can’t remember where, that’s Roman Catholic, but claims he got converted from Islam to Christianity by Cobus van Rensburg, whom is about as far away from Catholic as you can get.

Visited a family friend who is in full time childrens ministry with a para-church organization that also train people in childrens evangelism.

Met a friend of a friend working for the DA, the opposition party in South Africa.

Someone said I have a “black heart”, and it was a compliment, and I heard stories of white people living in South African townships, not because they can’t live anywhere else, but because they have businesses there.

This is the world we are living in. Everyone opening their eyes will see different experiences of reality. Either we can pull back into our own fundamentals, whether it be fundamentalistic religious ideas, or cultural ideas, or we can face the differences and learn from it. This could be a beautiful diverse world, or one where we lock ourselves behind our big gates, and idealistic ideas.



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