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stagnation December 5, 2006

Posted by Cobus in Emerging Culture.

Wrote this a couple of days ago, just never posted it… 

I visited the one of the final year Art exhibition from the final year class at the university today, only came back about an hour ago. Now, I’m no art expert, not at all, and I won’t try and give you a proffessional critique of the exhibition. Some of it was beautiful, some I thought was ugly. Some just didn’t make sense to me. Some got me thinking, whether they were beautiful or ugly, although those that didn’t make sense didn’t get me thinking. But a few things really got me, I’ll mention just one.

The photo art stuff interest me the most. At each exhibition they have a short description of whatever is presented, as well as something from the artist. The one wrote “I place hope in a world where we guard each other against stagnation”. And used photos of prominent buildings in Pretoria, wrote some stuff about Apartheid, about postmodernism, and a whole bunch I didn’t read.

I guess you can theologically critique a statement like “I place hope in” when it do not point to God, you can call is humanism. But that is not what I thought when I read what she wrote, and saw her works. Stagnation must be one of the most dangerous things possible. When we stagnate we are unable to see our own mistakes. Things that were once good, now become bad, because the context change, and we lost the reason for doing whatever it was.

Being guarded against stagnation can produce a whole lot of pain. It forces change, which can be real bad. And it can even cause mistakes, because we leave the safe known territory, and venture into the unknown. But stagnation will still be worse…



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