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Emerging the DRC? Or closing the DRC doors? November 24, 2006

Posted by Cobus in Emerging Church, South Africa.

I remember a conversation I had with Tony Jones when he was in South Africa. Itwas one evening in Mugg & Bean, and he said something like “Why don’t the DRC just close their doors, and reopen them in five years”. His reason was that with all the baggage we are carrying, it’s basicly impossible to change this church.

Now, I must first state that I have the utmost respect for Tony. Although there’s always a bigger story behind anything, he was the one who finally inspired me to really try and get behind the emerging chruch thing. It was also his inspiration that got this blog from the ground, although he might not have realised it.

But I had to differ from him that evening. If we close our doors, and in 5 years time start a new church, we’ll just end up where we are right now in 30 years time. If we break away today, chances are good that we will just make similar mistakes again. We will have to learn to face our history, to examine our mistakes, and to seek out a new road remembering our history, not ignoring our history.

I don’t really read Die Kerkbode a lot anymore, but in the 10 November edition, one article really got me. It was an anonymous 33-year old pastor, who wrote his letter to the church. And I can identify with his feelings. We wan’t to run, but our church is to heavy with all it’s history to keep up.

I still believe that we should stay with the church, and help the church to make the transition. Help our church to look at her history, and to learn from it. To get her fit for running. Maybe one day I will e-mail Tony, and tell him he was right. Tell him I couldn’t stand it any longer, and that I’m running with a new church. But first I will try…

The changes needed will be huge. I don’t think we can imagine how huge at the moment. But maybe you have some ideas as to what will have to change, leave them here. I’m in no position of power, but from ground level up, we must try and do things differently.

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