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(s)he said … “godsdienstig maar ek glo nie” November 13, 2006

Posted by Cobus in Emerging Church, Missional.

WordPress has quite a few nice features. One of them is that it keeps track of the terms used in search engines that lead people to the site . I like checking out the blog stats, and when I got home tonight, I found that someone came to the site using these words : “godsdienstig maar ek glo nie” (“religious but I don’t believe”). What would you have written if you knew this beforehand?

First, a short explanation. I’m actually Afrikaans, but write in English simply to try and be a little more inclusive. But I do have some Afrikaans posts, and they trigger Afrikaans words quite regularly.

I wonder who you are if you searched the web with those words. Afrikaans speaking, religious, but struggling to believe? You see, we hear of a lot of people these days who say that they believe, but there not religious. And I don’t always blame them for that. But I believe a lot more are religious, but struggles to believe. The fact is, if you are religious, usually your religion don’t allow you to struggle with believing. I remember as a boy believing that to doubt was one of the worst sins. But then I grew up experiencing that I myself also experience doubt at times.

I’m usually a believer. I believe that Christ is Lord. I’m also religious. I don’t think it’s that easy to get away from being religious. But religion has some very nasty sides, and fact is that religion can make it difficult for people to be believers. And it’s obvious which is more important.

So, if I knew beforehand? Well, I still don’t know. I would have hoped that you would read this post of a while ago. I would have wanted to say “join the club”. Where all strugglers. And as for religion. There is a quote I would like to quote, but I don’t have it with me. But I dream of a community which is not an insiders club, but a genuine community. Where people are allowed to be strugglers. Where stories of faith isn’t simply “witnessing” and stories of doubt “confessing”, but where all our stories form part of being community. And where both our stories of faith and of doubt will be part of the community, part of the road less travelled, where we believe that religion can look different, and maybe it will be easier to hold on in times of doubt. I believe that this will be a road less travelled, but this is what I wish for.

Well, maybe this wouldn’t have meant anything to you if those were your search words. Maybe you where just surfing around. Maybe you wouldn’t have read this far. Maybe I just wrote too much, listened too little. I want to hold out my hand saying, join me, I’m struggling too, but I believe God’s OK with that, and is part of this journey.


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