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How Hubble Killed God… Emerging reaction November 12, 2006

Posted by Cobus in Emerging Church.

I read some of the top posts, fastest growing blogs, and new posts from WordPress from time to time. So I read How Hubble Killed God… just now. I’m actually getting quite fed-up with the topic, but I’ll write something again. This is just some short thoughts, but it might give a possible alternative. I also agree with Hubble, but won’t credit it for killing God.

But Hubble certainly killed a certain perception of God. It killed the God who would have created the earth 6000 years ago. Well, maybe Hubble didn’t kill that perception of God, because long before Hubble that idea was challenged. Even longer before that nobody worried about the age, because science wasn’t really an issue. And even longer before that the readers knew the world view in which the Genesis account was written, so they wouldn’t have made the mistake of applying it to science.

Maybe Hubble killed the perception that man is the reason for creation. I don’t think Hubble really killed it, but if it did, then that is great, because I don’t think that the authors of the Bible tried to preach that. Yes, man has an unique place in creation according to the Bible, but man is not the reason for creation. But Hubble wasn’t responsible for killing that idea, long before Hubble that idea was crushed. Even longer before that the authors of the Bible understood that this was not the idea.

So, maybe Hubble didn’t kill these perceptions, but if it did, that would have been great, because that isn’t very good perceptions to have. But OK, this might be an Emerging way of thinking for a lot of people. But really this has been around for a long time. Maybe I’ll post some more on alternatives to understanding this whole creation thing.

Last thing – That was a great photo!



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