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The Emerging MXit Culture November 10, 2006

Posted by Cobus in Blogging and church, Emerging Culture.

South Africa has seen an explosion in IM (Instant Messaging) usage in the past few months with the introduction of MXit. Currently there are over 2 million MXit users, and it’s rising at 10000 a day. Yet I have a feeling we still understand very little about the culture accompanying this phenomena.

The biggest group of MXit users is between 12 and 17, followed by the group 18-24. If we want to reach out to these young people, we will have to understand the MXit culture they are creating. It is a culture where they are instantly linked to a lot of people they know, and some they don’t know. And where they can say what they want to, without looking someone in the eye.

This isn’t that different from SMS, but the fact that it’s basically free obviously have a big influence, especially on the group 12-17. Some people only see the bad things in MXit (and other IM’ers), and believe that we should keep our young people away from it, others believe that we must embrace it fully, use it as a way of pastoral service etc.

But we need to try and understand the culture behind the phenomena if we want to talk about how to approach it. We need to understand more than the technical details, we need to understand HOW these people are using it. What kind of conversations are they having? What is the relation between their life on MXit and the rest of their life? How will they react to people who want to become part of this MXit reality?

Parents Guide 2 MXit



1. Ramon Thomas - January 24, 2007

Hey there could you please place a link to http://mxit.netucation.co.za so that people can get a copy of the revised edition. I’m updating this ebook on an ongoing bases with feedback from parents and teachers.

2. cj lourens - August 15, 2007

dis leka om te mxit. maar ds ni gud vi n mens ni. veral vi tieners.in hulle kope is skool werk laaste maar mxit 1ste.hulle raak gewoont om so kortaf te skryf.

3. Cobus - August 15, 2007

lyk my hier is ook iemand wat gewoond is daaraan:-)

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