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To me, this was the most shocking e-mail I recieved in a while November 4, 2006

Posted by Cobus in Emerging Church.

I recieved this email a few days ago (Read “WHO IS THE RACIST“). I read it halfway, and then scanned the rest. Later the day someone mailed it to me again, and asked me to comment on it. Well, this was my reaction…

I pass you on campus, and say “Hey Chief”, of Chiewa and you reply with “Howzit Chief”
I pass you on the corridor and say “Hey Squeeza”, and you reply with “Hallo Squeeza”
Maybe both of us are wrong, I should have said “What is your name”, you could have done the same.

You have Freedom Day. And I have it too.
You have Youth Day. And I have it as well.
I’ve had Christmas under a tree, with gifts passing around, for as long a I can remember.
How can I help you, who couldn’t ever afford Christmas, to experience the joy I have experienced my whole life?
It’s sad that people say you have the BCM, PAC and Azapo, for me even more sad when people say I have the AWB, KP of NP (HNP, VF, Broederbond, and the list could get quite long).
The saddest I guess is that I still have the NGK, HNK, GK and APK.

How sad that you are accused of rape, murder, theft and violence, when you are the one experiencing it in the worst way.

I hate it when the new South African government lies to me.
I hate it that the Apartheid South African government lied to my parents and grandparents.
I hate if I’m accused of being a racist because I’m white
I stand in amazement when you are accused of being a murderer, rapist of hi-jacker because you are black.

When reading the mail “WHO IS THE RACIST?” Should I cry or scream?

I guess I’ll just quote one of my favourite writers, and apply it to South Africa,
bacause I believe this to be true:

South Africa… “right now is the battlefield of past and future, and the past has it’s power, but the future is where we’re all going” (Kim Stanley Robinson, Blue Mars, Paperback Edition p644)


1. Roger Saner - November 14, 2006

Great response, Cobus. I read the other email and it’s yuk. And of course black people can be racist! (as one of my black friends told me). And Indian friend of mine is terribly racist (by her own admission) – but towards other Indians (!). I guess the point is even if people are racist our own challenge (especially given our history) is to respond peacefully – with forgiveness.

2. Pete - December 6, 2006

Nice reply!


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