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Emerging Rainbow Church??? August 23, 2006

Posted by Cobus in Emerging Church, Journal.

I have been thinking about this a lot in the last few years – The multi-racial South Africa.

The Dining Hall has been an area of quite interesting conversations in the past 4 years. And the last 2 hours got me thinking again. One of my friends started talking about some of his experiences in black communities, and especially with regard to faith issues. While listening to the stories he told me, I just realised again, there are other stories completely different from ours.

What is the conversation in South Africa really about? The emerging western church? Can we talk about an emerging church in South Africa along the same lines Europe and America are talking about the Emerging Church? I’m not sure that I can envision an emerging South African church that is not multi-racial? But will we be willing to have a dream of a multi-racial church in South Africa that doesn’t stick to Western ideas only?

Maybe part of postmodernism in South Africa will be to also listen to the worldviews of the rainbow of different cultures in our country. And this while I’m struggling just to understand other Afrikaans South Africans sometimes.



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[…] I was introduced to the term “emerging” by Tony Jones more than three years ago. And started my first blog within a few days from that point, called emergingsa. Two days after I started the blog, on 23 August 2006, I wrote the following post, which I quote again today. I think I can summarize much of the weekends conversation by saying that we are starting to move into a direction where I can say that I am part of a journey that is taking up the challenges that I thought was crucial way back when i first joined: Emerging Rainbow Church??? […]

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