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Blogging and Church August 23, 2006

Posted by Cobus in Blogging and church.

I’ve always considered myself to be quite on top of what technology has to offer. I come from a family where we were using computers long before most people, and using them in a much more extensive way than most.

But lately, and maybe it’s just since I finished school, I just can’t seem to keep up at all. I mean, a year ago I didn’t even know what blogging was! 5 years ago I joined some Teen Web Forums, but those were quite different.

But now I’m blogging. And more and more people are blogging. And more and more people inside the church are blogging, and blogging about the church. But what is the future of blogging and the church? Is it just the new train we are getting on, which in 5 years we will look back upon and wonder if it wasn’t a wast of time?

Or is there something deeper to this? Can we use blogging in a really usefull way to enrich the Christian Community?

Maybe check out this post to see some other thoughts on the topic

The state of the God Blogging Community – 17 October 2005



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