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Share your dream… August 21, 2006

Posted by Cobus in Emerging Church.

The walking animals once got together to study the way fish are swimming. They made some observations, wrote some books, analysed all they could, and in the end claimed “we know how fish swim”. But the fish never made the study, they just swam. They just did what came naturally. Which didn’t mean that all the fish swam equally well, some were better than others, and they still could learn from each other. And surely they could learn something from the walking animals and there analysis. But they just did what came naturally. 

When I hear all this talk about an emerging church, I sometimes feel like these fish would have felt if they knew what were going on (and if they remembered what they heard long enough to think about it:-)). Anyone can try and define the emerging church. They can explain it, compare it, do just what they want. And it’s not a bad exercise, and we can learn a lot from it. But in the end, we are in the water. We are the emerging church. And it is the people living among us, studying with us, this is this next generation of the church, or outside the church. 

In A New Kind of Christian (p38), Neo tells the group of students that their peers have crossed over to a postmodern world, but that most of them haven’t, because they are trying to be faithful to the Christian upbringing they recieved. And he is probably right, while trying to remain faithful to our Christian upbringing, we have resisted the change that was occurring in our environment. But for most of us, we are in the water. Maybe still trying to hold on to the way things were, but we are in this new world, this new environment. 

The quest we are on, and if you have read up to this point I do believe you are on this quest with me, and others, is to try and put into words how we believe we can be Christians in this changing environment, and then, how we can be church in this changing environment. Yes, there will be better ways and worse ways of swimming, and maybe mine will be worse than yours. But at least let us start to share how we are trying to be Christian today, and how we will be Christian in 2020. Dream. And share your dream…


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